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  DE-FOA-0000852 Community-Scale Clean Energy Projects in Indian Country Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Indian Energy 6/27/2013 05:00 PM ET

DE-FOA-0000852: Community-Scale Clean Energy Projects in Indian Country

DOE is soliciting applications from Indian Tribes, Tribal Energy Resource Development Organizations and Tribal Consortia to install “community-scale” or “facility-scale” clean energy systems on Indian lands to provide electricity and/or heating and cooling for local use in tribal buildings. For purposes of this announcement, “clean energy systems” include “renewable energy systems” and “combined heat and power systems.”  Projects selected under this Funding Opportunity Announcement are intended to reduce energy costs and increase energy security for Indian Tribes and tribal members.


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Application Forms and Templates

The following forms and templates may be used as part of the application submission. Note that these forms and templates do not necessarily constitute all the documents required for a complete application. Please refer to the 'Application and Submission Information' of the published announcement to learn more about the required application content requirements.

Full Application

  • SF424 Application for Federal Financial Assistance (Last Updated: 3/5/2013 10:21 AM ET)
  • SF424a Budget Information (Last Updated: 3/5/2013 10:21 AM ET)
  • PMC 123.1 Detailed Budget Justification (Last Updated: 4/30/2013 03:05 PM ET)
  • SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (Last Updated: 3/5/2013 10:22 AM ET)

Contact Information

    For questions regarding the content of this Funding Opportunity Announcement. Please include “DE-FOA-0000852 Question” in the subject line of the email.
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Submission Deadlines

  • Full Application Submission Deadline: 6/27/2013 5:00 PM ET
  • View Full Application Reviewer Comments Period: 12/3/2012 5:00 PM ET – 12/4/2012 5:00 PM ET